Danish court in charge of J. Kragh

The Commission for the Protection of Human Rights in Strasbourg is without Value for the People in EU. Læs på dansk

The former freedom fighter John Kragh, Allerød Denmark, made his conclusion in this incredible report after 15 years of deep going investigations and experiences with the Danish judiciary, Ministry of Justice and the State Ministry.


It unveil how corruption and a world-wide organisation secretly has succeeded to take over the systems of Justice, not only in Denmark, but in a number of civilised countries after a method imported from the Sicilian/American criminal Mobs, who found out the ancient Society of the Freemasons were just as constructed to take over the systems of Justice.
We have seen how the EU Commission in Bruxelles had to resign because of corruption, but the corruption in the Commission for the Protection of Human Rights in Strasbourg is much greater, and words as Justice, Decency, Right and Truth are for this Commission unknown Cities, faraway in Siberia. This Commission is for the people EU worthless and a scorn to everything honest and decent. A very large number of people in Denmark thinks we ought to withdraw from EU and take no part in such dishonesty.

The Danish Socialdemocratic/Radical government has through the last many Years violated the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights, even we have signed to respect it. Dozen and dozen of Complaints have been introduced in Strasbourg- from Denmark, but all has been dismissed if Money was involved.

Finally a number of people in Denmark, who had complained without result, decided once again to bring a case before this Commission, and the Case of Scandinavian Radar, where 2 elderly Fe-male had lost more then 5 million Danish kr. through Thefts, Frauds and Bribery with stolen money was selected and if this Case also was dismissed in Strasbourg, we had sufficient proof of corruption. It was brought before the Commission the 28th. of October 1997 together with a large number of reports, copy of Summons and a printed pamphlet telling in details of the crimes, but all in Danish language, which I asked to be translated into the language you prefer.
But Mr. Nielsen and his Helper refused to get it translated, made their own version so they were sure it would be dismissed. But this version is kept secret for the Complainer and we have no possibility to point out it is false. No Court in the World acts this way. This is what was brought before the Commission:

For the understanding of the affairs I shall give a very short report of what happened and the many crimes committed:

Johs. Kragh bought in 1961 a Property in the town of Helsingør, Denmark. It had between other things a Factory for Ships Windows, which during the following 12 Years became world known from the Gulf of Mexico to Shanghai, and with an Export of 100 million Dkk. every Year. In 1973 I got a severe Lung Bleeding, and my Doctors advice me to spent the cold Months in a warmer Climate, because it probably was an old Tuberculosis starting up again. I left all business to my Sons, but kept the Properties and I still had guarantied the Bank for the Cash Credit of the Ship Window Factory. My sons were defraud by the Firm Krupp, who had bought Atlas Werke in Bremen, and for the sum of Dkk. 2.150.000,-. They became short of money.

The first of April 1984 our Bank in Helsingør, now called Unibank, got a new Managing Director Torp Juhl. He had very little experience and was dishonest. His first act was to defraud the Danish Export Credit-Institute, which they found out at once, and the State Attorney force the Bank to pay Dkk. 900.000,- to avoid further executions.
Now the Manager stood to loose his job, but he and his legal Adviser, a Lawyer Mr. Ole Langemark figured out a very shrewd plan, to repay the Bank with stolen money and to make money for themselves. We shall see how Mr. Lange-mark was sure he could get away with any Crime.

17 days later the Bank Manager took out the sum of Dkk. 486.956,- without Warning of the Cash Credit of the Ship Window Factory to cover an earlier Loan of 46.000 Dollar the Factory had taken up years ago. But on the same time he refused to give loan to the Factory for the monthly Export of 10 Million Dkk., and for which the State Export Institute guarantied. Now the Ship Window Factory came in a difficult situation. But the first floor in the Office building of the Property was rented out to a firm Scandinavian Radar, owned by 2 elderly single Women and a person living in California. One of them, a Mrs. Jørgensen offered to help, and bought a number of Machines in the Factory for the sum of Dkk. 300.000,-, and leased them to the Factory again after a system much used in those Years. As Guaranty she gave the Factory a Mortgage in her House, not to be used before the Machines were registered in her Name. To be sure of this, I placed the Mortgage in my private Deposit in the Bank before I again went to Tenerife.

But as soon I was gone Mr. Torp Juhl stole this Mortgage from my Deposit together with a savings Account I had, and gave the Mortgage to Mr. Langemark to cash in. The Case was brought before the Eastern Court in Copenhagen and Mrs. Jørgensen engaged a Lawyer Mr. Vinten to defend her. But on the final Doom Negotiations the 2 Lawyers, Mr. Vinten and Ole Langemark together placed a false Agreement before the Judge, a Mr. Ziegler, without to mention it to Mrs. Jørgensen, and after which she offered the Sum of Dkk. 441.777,- for her stolen Mortgage. The Judge hammered at once in his Desk and declared the Case for dismissed.
Mrs. Jørgensen tried in vain to be informed of what happened, but Mr. Ziegler declared the next Case was started. Mrs. Jørgensen was forced to pay, but wrote 4 Letters to her Lawyer Mr.Vinten, who answered: I am bankrupt, write my Lawyer.

The Theft of the Mortgage were reported to the Police, but they refused to investigate. This was the first criminal Act, but now followed a line of law violations, never seen in Denmark before:

  1. The total Destruction of the Ship Window Factory.
    Because Mr. Torp Juhl had taken out the sum of Dkk. 486.956,- of the Cash Credit of the Ship Window factory and refused to give Loans for the monthly Export my Sons became short of Money. It is a Rule in Denmark that Vacation-money to the Workers every month is paid into the Union, SID, even the Workers do not get it before July. Being short of Money my Sons kept back this money for some weeks, but suddenly they were declared bankrupt of the Lawyer of SID. Later denied SID they had declared the Ship Window Factory bankrupt, because now 35 Workers lost there jobs. During the first meeting in the Probate Court, I as the largest Creditor, recommended the Lawyer Jacob Olrik as Guardian, but the bank demanded the Lawyer Ole Langemark also became Guardian’ which was accepted, and now the plan of Langemark was fulfilled.
    The next day I got a letter from him, asking me to pay in my Guarantee for the Cash Credit of the Ship Window Factory, nearly the sum of Dkk. 800.000,-.
    I paid him a visit, and we agreed he should sell my Property. This he did the 14th. of August 1984 to the Firm of Scandinavian Radar, who had rented the first Floor in the Building through a number of ears, and for the Sum of Dkk. 785.000,-, cash payment and no conditions.The next day Scan. Radar took over the Property and the Ship Window Factory together with orders from Shipyards at fifty million Dkk. Now everything seemed to be in perfect Order. The 35 Workers and the Engineers could keep their Jobs. Orders were delivered and the yearly Export of 100 million continue. But the Lawyer Ole Langemark and the Bank Director Torp-Juhl never dreamed to keep the sales Contract. The same day Mr. Langemark receive the final payment for the Property he wrote a letter to Scan. Radar: The Civil Court in Helsingør has made a number of mistakes, and it is for me necessary to send the sold Property on forced Auction, where the Bank will take it over and keep the sales Conditions. (Appendix 4) We all protested and Scan. Radar engaged a Law Firm Ertbøll, but what they did not know was, that Ertbøll was a member of the Freemasons, and a Blood Brother to Langemark.Mr. Langemark succeed to force the Auction through the 25 th. of September 1984, but he and the Civil Court in Helsingør violated our Laws twice: The Law says: Before a forced Auction can take place, the owner and holder of Deed must be summoned to a Meeting in the Court. Such a Meeting was never held.Secondly: The forced Auction was on behalf the Credit Society for Debts. But I handed over to the Lawyer Mr.Ertbøll a Receipt, showing all Debts to the Credit Society was paid up to the 11 th. of December 1984, so he could stop the Auction. Appendix 4c.Mr. Ertbøll did send his Helper, a Mr. Wahl Christensen on the Auction, but he did nothing. The Auction was carried through. A few Months later this Helper became a Supreme Court Judge as Payment, without Experience of any kind.But on the Auction Mr. Langemark sold, together with the Property, all Machines belonging to Mrs. Jørgensen, even she had paid them. And now the offers on the Property went up to Dkk. 1.130.000,-, and now the Bank, who through Mr. Langemark sold my Property for Dkk. 785.000,- would not pay this large sum, and the Property was sold to an Auto-dealer. The next Day Scan. Radar was thrown out of the Property, had nowhere to go. Had to fire all employed people, pay damage, all half finished parts became worthless, and soon after they received Law Suits from Shipyards, who new Buildings now was delayed in Delivery because of lack of Windows, with fines of Dkk. 100.000,- pr. day. Scan Radar lost more then Dkk. 2 millions. The Civil Court wrote to me: The Ministry of Justice are responsible for the mistakes we have made. They knew nothing would be done anyhow.
  2. A lawyers book-keeping-
    After the Auction Scan Radar demanded the Money they paid for the Property returned, but Mr. Langemark was not able to do this. He started to pay off, but kept Dkk. 50.000,- until next Year, and then he paid this sum to the Broker Hans Hansen as a Bribe for giving false Statement in Court so Langemark could win the first Law Suit. Langemark lied and lied and came with false Statements. Mrs. Jørgensen never got her down payment, the sum Dkk. 50.000,- returned.
  3. The Theft of the complete bookkeeping material of Scan. Radar.
    The owners of Scan. Radar, the 2 unhappy Ladies lost Law Suits, one after another, and was sentenced to pay Costs of Cases. Finally they did not know what to do, and came to me for help, which I promised because it was my Property they bought. I was chosen Director of Scan. Radar and a new Office was build in Blovstrød. All bookkeeping material was collected here, and the Lawyer Mr. Langemark was informed.The next day 2 Officials from the Tax and Custom arrived, a Mr. Erik Borten and a Mr Blædel Hastrup. They started to ask questions about the sale of Elektronic to a fishing vessel, which I knew nothing about, but finally they demanded to take with them the complete book-keeping material for Inspection. Mrs. Jørgensen and I discussed this, but we decided we had no right to refuse, and they went away with everything.
    We heard nothing for weeks, and started to ask Questions to the Department. Finally after Months they replied: We have collected nothing. It became evident it was a Theft made by the 2 Official. They were both Freemasons and ordered by their Spokesman, Ole Langemark to steal the Book keeping material.This was reported to the Police the first week in 1988 and through the following Months I had several Meetings, but they refused to call in the 2 Thief’s . Finally the l5th. of July 1992 I had a Meeting with the Chief, a Mr. Linden, and he wrote: As I told you, I shall return to this matter, but he never did.
  4. The Theft of the Insurance Money.
    Mr. Langemark informed his -Insurance Co. of his mistakes, and a Lawyer from this Company discussed during 2 Years with Scan. Radar about Compensation. Appendix 49, 14 pages. Finally the Insurance Company Hafnia, paid the Sum of Dkk. 100.000,-, but direct to Mr. Langemark, and he stole the money, Scan. Radar got nothing.
  5. The theft of my Free value in the Property.
    When the Property was sold for the Sum of Dkk. 1.130.000,- there was Free value belonging to me, at about 250.000,- Dkk. But the 2 Guardians, Mr. Langemark and Mr. Jacob Olrik stole the Money, and used it for Bribes to the Lawyers engaged by Scan. Radar, and finally they did send me the sum of Dkk. 7.600,- as final payment, in-stead of about Dkk. 500.000,- incl. Interest of Money.
  6. The 2 Ladies, who owned Scan. Radar had to sell there beautiful Houses and got a large Debt. They asked Frederiksborg County for free Proces, the Civilrightdirectorate for free Proces, they asked the Court of the Ministry of Justice, all denied after Conversation with Mr. Langemark. Mrs. Jørgensen alone lost 1,5 Million and threatened to commit Suicide. We knew something was terrible wrong, how was all this possible ?.
  7. One Day in the Year 1990 my doorbell rang, and outside stood a Gentlemen who I at once recognised after his picture in the Newspapers. He said: Mr. Kragh. I have read about your Fight for the 2 Ladies to get a fair Trial. I think there is something you ought to know. I invited him inside, and through the following 2 Hours he told me, shortly referred: After my final examination of Law Study I was tricked to join the Society of the Freemasons, which was the biggest mistake I did in my Life. I was told: The Freemason Society is Christian, with the highest possible Aims, the cleanest of Soul and Heart, and the Honesty of the person. Because of this all important and high paid Posts are always given to Members of the Freemasons. If you want a Future, you must join the Freemasons. This I did, even I had to swear a terrible Oath, but later I found out, I was tied up for Life, had to pay Contingent and to obey a Board of criminal persons, all after a System developed by international Mafia, who used the Society to occupy the highest and best paid Posts inside our System of Justice. Banks, Newspapers, industrial Companies and political Parties.
    Specially as Judges, who’s Task was to acquit all Blood Brothers for Crimes committed. This way the Road was open to all Members for organised Crimes, without Risk. Further he explained how a Case brought before the Courts, where Freemasons were involved, secretly was given to a Judge, who was a member of the Freemasons, and who according to his Oath was forced to acquit Blood Brothers for Crimes committed, or to get the Case dismissed. He told me how The Freemasons had forced one of his Family to commit Suicide, and that he himself pretty soon no longer was able to live a Life where he had to lie and to pretending to be honest and to desert his Duty. He was not able to hold back his Tears.
  8. A Judge refused to see and hear.
    This was exactly what we had seen. A Judge, Mr. Kærsgaard, was 4 times after another being appointed to the Cases of Scan. Radar, and every time he refused to hear or see the Reports of Scan Radar, and sentenced Scan. Radar to pay high Costs of Cases, up to Dkk. 100.000,-, which Mr. Langemark could put in his Pocket and go free.
  9. In the last Case Mr. Kærsgaard broke every Rule of the Eastern Court. He alone, without the 2 other Judges and the female who write the Record, and in a outside Room, dismissed the Case because we did not meet with a Lawyer. We tried to find one and offered the 2 largest law Firms in Denmark a Fee of Dkk. l.125.000,- each, if they would conduct our Case, but they both refused. We asked 9 other Law Firms, they refused and with the remark: If we take your case against Mr. Langemark, we shall never again win a Case by the Eastern Court. The President Mr. Ziegler, a Freemason, had the Duty to inspect the Probate Court and to investigate the Proceedings. He and the last Minister of Justice, Frank Jensen, both broke the Law No.146, and both stand to 6 years Prison.
  10. Members of Freemason.
    The following Person are members of the Freemason, which they do not deny, and all of them has sworn the Oath referred on next Page:
    The Prime Minister of Denmark, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen.
    The President of the Supreme Court, Mr. Pontoppidan.
    The President of the Eastern Court, Mr. Ziegler.
    Most Members of the Ministry of Justice.
    About 80 % of all Lawyers in Denmark, also the highest State Lawyers. Most Police Masters, they refuse to investigate crimes committed by Members of the Freemasons.
  11. Freemasons are registered in England.
    The 28th.of April I received a Letter from the Home Secretary of England informing me, that now all Freemasons were registered in England. That means no Member of the Freemasons in England in the Future can get a Post inside Police and Justice.
  12. Freemasons in Norway.
    The Norwegian Author Sverre Dag Mogstad has in his Book “Frimureriet” on Page 281 referred the Oath, which all Members of the Freemasons had to swear. The Secretary of the Freemasons read the Oath, which the new member has to repeat literal:
    I promise and swear voluntary, without Force or Cunning, before God the highest, the triple Master-builder of the World, before the highest Spokesman of this honour-able Lodge, and before all free Brothers of the Freemasons, never to unwell the Secrets of the Freemasons, which today or later is confided to me about the Royal Art and its hiding Qualities. I shall never myself or through any other, through means or help, be Cause to disclose, anything, either through talk, print, engrave, grating or writing or Help to disclose anything on which Language or through which Character or Figures it may be.
    I promise and assure even, I never shall go into Conversation about the Aim and Activity with any other then one, who after real Tests and Sign has proved to be a real Brother of genuine and lawful Lodge, and never visit, and at least never go into any Lodge, which I know is not lawful accepted. I assure also, I never shall enter, without permission from my Spokesman, any Lodge or corresponding Society, Brotherhood or corresponding. I pledge myself likewise unfailing to comply to the laws and rules of this Order, to fulfill my Orders and pay my Duties, and with obedience and subservient do everything the Head-master and highest Manager or Spokesman order me to do as a Freemason.But in case I in the slightest way should break this Promise, I agree to my Neck must be cut, my Heart torn out, my Tongue and my Intestines to be pulled out, and everything to be thrown into the Gulf of the Sea, my Body to be burned up, and the Ashes to be spread into the Air, so nothing of me or my origin is to be found between People or Freemasons. This Oath of mine I confirm sincerely and truly, so help me God to Life and Soul.After this a solemn Ritual goes on .He is lead to the Alter and kneel. His right Hand places on the Sword of the Spokesman, which is placed on the Bible. In his left Hand he gets the Divider, who’s Point must be pointed to his Breast. The Spokesman places his right Hand on his Head, and the guarding Brothers held their Swords crosswise behind his Neck. After this the Spokesman places Salomos Seal of Silence on his Tongue.
    A red hot piece of Iron is brought forward and cooled in Water and his Tongue has to be pressed on another Seal and quite a number of other strange Deeds, Questions and Answers is carried through. After this the Blood mixing and drinking and other Ceremonies, which takes many Pages to report. Sinister and insane. It is unbelievable that People are ordered to do this today. But the Idea is, now is the new Member bound for Life. They tell people: This is only a Ceremony we all had to go through, but after the Oath has been given, it is no longer a Ceremony, but solemn Duty, and no man dare to break the Oath, even not the Prime Minister of Denmark. That was why our Lawyer Mr. Pahl Christensen, after a few Minutes Talk with Mr. Langemark before the Western Court, refused to hold his Speak of Introduction, refused to examine the Witnesses, and did not hold the Speech of Accusation, and did not say one Word of the well prepared Case, and it did cost Scan. Radar Dkk. 65.000,-
  13. No reply.
    I wrote 4 Letters to the Board, of Directors in Strasbourg, no reply. I wrote a number of Letters to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, asking him for a Meeting in case I came to Strasbourg. No Reply. I informed the European Parliament of everything, but got the Answer the 8 th. of January 1999: They were not able to do anything, the European Commission of Human Rights at the Council of Europe is an independent institution of the European Union.
    I brought the Case before the European Ombudsman Jacob Söderman, but he replied:
    I am sorry to inform you, I have no power to deal with your Complaint, but inform the Secretary General of the Council of Europe. Finally I did send a Telegram informing the Board of Commission, no Reply.

This way we got sufficient Proof the Commission of Human Rights in Strasbourg is corrupt all through, and of no Value to the People of EU. It is necessary to get at least some of the People replaced just as in Bruxelles. At least Mr. Nielsen and his Helper Mr. Månsson. How is it possible that 2 elderly Women, who’s only Act was to buy my Property cash Payment, can be defraud by the Unibank and its Lawyer Mr. Ole Langemark for the Sum of Dkk. 5 million and their Income and Houses, and had to live a Life in Misery and Despair, and denied a fair and public Hearing as Danish Laws and the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights in article 6 secures them a Right to get. Half the Danish People look at EU and its Corruption with disgust, as the coming Election in September will show.